Prat Basses is a Dream.

I was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1974. I am a fourth generation antique dealer and I have been surrounded by wood growing up. As a young boy I always had a special attraction to the instruments my father had in his shop: a piano, a cello, a trumpet, a clarinet ... Through many years of antique restoration, I learned to appreciate this precious material called wood.

I started playing bass at a relatively late age, while studying in college. I met my wife, a fantastic American, and I went to "study" in Cleveland, Ohio. I sold my bass to pay for the plane ticket to America... and this is where my story began as a builder of instruments.

When we returned to Spain, in 1999, I built my first bass. For being my first, It wasn't too bad!! so I built another, and another, and another... It was a beautiful hobby for me. I was making basses for four years by myself, reading many books, gathering information...

In 2003 I met Stephen Higgins, a talented luthier and friend. I studied four years with him, making some very good basses. He taught me how to build a traditional style handmade instrument. In 2006 I decided to take the plunge, when I turned my hobby, my passion into a profession...